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With a renewed interest in health, fitness, and wellness, people all over the world are now taking physical activity more seriously. Asides from activity like walking and running, an equally effective alternative, using the gym, is now popular. Asides from going to public gyms, some people are now looking to have their own gyms in their homes. To help with this, there is ongoing search for places to buy home gym equipment. Most of fitness lover people love to buy gym & fitness equipment online especially from Delhi, Mumbai like metropolitan cities in India.  Asides these, there are also those looking to either set up a new gym or update the equipment in their already existing ones. These people are however faced by certain issues in the process of trying to figure out what gym equipment to buy.

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Most common buyer’s concerns at the time of buying a gym equipment

  1. Reliability: it would be cost-effective, and very assuring to buy equipment that are reliable and not those that whose efficiency and lifespan are questionable.
  2. Safety: no one wants to buy equipment that could endanger the life of its users or has the potential to cause them bodily harm.
  3. Convenience: using gym equipment is meant to be convenient and not bulk tasking.

Factors which determines the selection of best gym equipment for you?

  • Your needs: what you aim to achieve with working out should me a major determinant in what equipment you buy as there are different equipment that cater to different needs.
  • Your budget: different equipment has different price tags. The one you buy should be determined by the amount you intend spending.
  • Your available space: while some equipment like dumbbells, require minimal space, there are those that require more space.

Some of the common & popular gym equipment to buy in India:

1.      Aerobic steppers:

Image of an aerobic stepper - Verdure Wellness

Using aerobic steppers is a great way to lose weight, strengthen leg muscles and improve cardiovascular activity. Individuals without significant health disorders can safely use the aerobic exercises, there are, however, health challenges that might prevent one from using this. This latter group of people are always advised to consult their doctor before they start exercising.


2.      Dumbbells:

Image of Dumbbell Set by Verdure Wellness

A free weight, dumbbells require minimal space, provide a fuller range of motion, as you can walk around while using them, and are great for training the upper muscles. Caution could be taken though, as users might feel safe to lift heavier weights which might come crashing on them and causing them bodily harm.

3.      Inclined bench press

Inclined Bench Press - Verdure Wellness

Inclined bench press is perfect gym & fitness equipment to buy for developing the upper pectorals major (that is, the upper pectorals). However, caution should be taken when using this equipment as they over train the same set of muscles and over training muscles could result in injuries.

4.      Rowing machine

Image of Fluid Rower Rowing Machine - Verdure Wellness

A rowing machine enhances versatility and helps deliver an overall body workout. Because this machine puts the toll on the users’ back, users are likely to complain of back injury after using this.


5.      Treadmill

Image of Powermax TDA 330 Treadmill - Verdure Wellness

Treadmills are easy to use, and help weight loss. They also deliver amazing benefits to the heart and help keep the body in shape. These benefits may be the reason behind its increasing popularity in one of the most populous countries like India where there are a lot of fitness lover people who are looking for where to buy one of the best treadmills online. However, a treadmill could be expensive. Also it may give you a monotonous feel and could get boring after a while for you as it does not facilitate wide form of exercises.

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