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Staying fit is a goal that everyone has on their list, either it’s at the top, or buried at the bottom near “meet the president”. Sometimes, the reason why most people find it difficult to get and stay in shape is time. They simply can’t find enough time to workout. Thankfully, you can get these home gym equipments online and solve this problem.

Full body work out equipment helps you exercise most of the muscles in your body. That way, even if you can’t find much time to workout, you can get maximum results for whatever work you do. There are different full body workout machines that you can use. And as you can imagine, they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Here is the top 4 multi-purpose exercise equipment for completing your full body workout, be it your own home gym or a commercial gym area:

1.      Adjustable cable machines

Adjustable cable machine - Verdure Wellness

Several companies produce their own brands of cable machines, and fortunately, they all function in the same way. A standard machine will have accommodations to work out most parts of your body, including:

  1. Biceps
  2. Triceps
  3. Thighs
  4. Gluteus
  5. Legs
  6. Ankles

You can adjust the weights on the machine to any tolerance level you want. Another benefit of this machine is that it lets you work your way up to higher weight classes.

2.      Elliptical trainer

Elliptical trainer - Verdure Wellness

The elliptical trainer is sometimes called the cross trainer, and it’s one of the best gym and fitness equipments. The elliptical is a multipurpose workout machine tailored for aerobic exercises. It suites several full body exercises like running, stair climbing, and walking. The Elliptical lets you work up a good sweat without leaving the comfort of your home.

You work out most of your upper and lower limb muscles when using the elliptical. Besides the complete workout, the elliptical is also perfect for people with risk of injures. It is gentle on the joints, and so, if you have delicate joints, they don’t have to keep you from staying fit.

3.      Rower

Rower - Verdure Wellness

The rower is one of the toughest full body workout machines available. With machines like the elliptical, you can cheat and focus the exercise on one particular muscle group or area. But with the rower, it’s all or nothing. If your entire body’s not in the game, you won’t make any progress.

To be honest, you shouldn’t get a rower unless you’re actually ready to put in the work. It will hit your arms, legs and core muscles, and you may find yourself giving up before you get any work done. However, if you’re serious about getting fit, a rower may be just what you need.

4.      Air walkers

Air walker - Verdure Wellness

Air walkers are also called gliders, and they work out your entire body. Gliders offer an aerobic exercise that focuses on your upper and lower bodies. Their action mimics walking or running, and as you move your legs forward, your arms move backwards.

You should know that the glider doesn’t just offer aerobic training; you can also get good resistance training with the glider. Many models have adjustable settings that let you modify how much resistance your arms and legs push against. That way, you can build your muscles while also burning fat. Talk about complete workout routine! Even when you travel to a new city or location, you can adjust the resistance on their equipment and work out.

The bottom line

All of the equipment listed above can get you a great full body workout. However, if you have specific goals in mind, some may be more suited for you than others. For example, the swimming pool is great for a general body workout. It also doubles as a means of relaxation and de-stressing. On the other hand, the rower will ensure that you work out every part of your body, from your arms to your core muscles. Alomost all 4 above mentioned fitenss equipments are portable and can easily be assembled and deassembled from one location to another one. So you will find no any such problem if you buy these gym equipments in Mumbai, Delhi or any metro cities in India to save money and then setup & use in a small town or any remote village in India.

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