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If you are ready to get into shape, then walking is probably the best exercise for maintaining your dream weight. But it isn’t generally possible on people’s part to go out and spend a large proportion of their time on walking. This is what treadmills are for.

Starting from sufficing the needs of power walkers and serious runners to people who want aid, in their fitness regime, treadmills are always an excellent match.

Looking for an alternative to an outdoor workout?

Undoubtedly for endurance training and cardio, a treadmill is one of the most popular and extensively used home gym and fitness equipment. Especially for India, where people are work driven and don’t have the time to go out, treadmills seem to be a great alternative.

Perks of having a treadmill in your home:

It is quite obvious that the benefit of having a treadmill provides you the convenience for being able to work anytime, at dawn or even in the middle of the night. When it comes to fitness and weight loss results, millions of people have chosen to add a treadmill as a must-have in their lives. If you too have made this decision of investing in a treadmill of your own then here is a list of few benefits that can save your back. Have a look!

1.     Helps you to have a healthy heart:

Symbolic Image of Healthy Heart using Treadmill - Verdure Wellness

If you are using a treadmill, then you can always have control over the pace to match yours. As the device is electrically controlled, you don’t need to spare a thought about the pace getting too fast or slow. The cardiovascular intensity that you need will always be a breeze, and you can now workout to your cardio fitness level, getting the desired outcome.


2.     Quick weight loss:

Symbolic Image depicting the weight loss exercise using Treadmill - Verdure Wellness

You can’t also dissent from the fact that with a treadmill you can lose weight faster and burn more calories. Like that of its closest competition, that is the exercise bike; you can always burn your fats in the lowest possible time. As the research says, cardio workouts are efficient at best, plus having at least 3 sessions in a week can hike anyone’s lifespan.


3.     Easy to use and easy to place:

Girl using treadmill inside home - Verdure Wellness

Unlike other heavy machines and traditional workout methods, working out on a treadmill is quite easy, plus a treadmill is also easy to store. Other machines can take an entire room in your living space while a treadmill is one efficient equipment that demands no more than a corner of your house.


4.     Pre set workout programs

Treadmill Monitor Part - Verdure Wellness

Apart from that with a treadmill, you can easily track your progress and know how long you have travelled on the trail to fitness. You can preset or program your workout sessions as well so that you save time and get more challenging and intense sessions which will definitely motivate you to work out! Isn’t that amazing?


5.     Tone up your muscles!

A girl with toned muscle on treadmill - Verdure Wellness

If your treadmill offers an incline then not only its great for cardio but is also perfect for getting lean and toned muscles. The resistance offered by the incline will add to the resistance and turn your cardio into a strength training session which will lead to a toned body that you always dreamt of!

The bottom line:

A treadmill has all the bells and whistles that anyone wants in his/her fitness regimen. You can not only control your movement but can also achieve optimum cardiovascular health. With a lesser chance of hurting yourself and a considerable reduction in the risks of heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc., treadmills as fitness equipment is a commendable choice.

Buy a treadmill in India now and get the top benefits of using treadmill highlighted in the following infographic –

Infographic on Benefits of using treadmill - Verdure Wellness

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