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Infographic showing deciding factors for buying the best Jacuzzi or bathtub for your home

Are you looking to buy a Jacuzzi or bathtub for your bathroom? If your answer is “Yes”, then read ahead to know about top deciding factors on basis of which you can buy the best Jacuzzi or bathtub for you.

  1. Types:

There are different types of Jacuzzi or bathtubs available in stores. It includes both standard and whirlpool types. Standards tubs are of common types that are very easy to install and have standard length and height. Whirlpool tubes can be recognized with its ultimate style and luxury.

These are designed for specific luxury purposes like a massage. Based on the installation, Jacuzzi or bathtubs are divided into various types like drop in tubs, corner tubs, freestanding tubes, etc. Drop-ins are installed through dropping the bathtub into a pocket in the floor. It will add extra space around the tub.

  1. Size:

There are so many sizes of Jacuzzi and bathtubs available. Standard bathtubs are found in typical sizes, whereas whirlpool ones are of three types including, 60 inches, 66 inches, and 72 inches. You can install 72-inch bathtub in your master bathroom, whereas others are for smaller bathrooms.

  1. Shape:

You can find bathtubs and Jacuzzi in Delhi in many different shapes from rectangular, oval, corner tubs, etc. There are many functional benefits associated with the shape of your bathtub. Rectangular bathtubs offer more space for bathing than oval ones. You can also find bathtubs accommodating two bathers in rectangle ones.

  1. Cost:

Standard bathtubs are available at less cost than whirlpool ones, of course. It is due to the luxury and comfort features that whirlpool bathtubs offer. A good standard bathtub can be available at around 80 thousand rupees. On the other hand, whirlpool bathtubs are costly, and you can purchase them at a cost starting from 1 lakh to 20 lakhs depending upon the number of features and jets. It also requires attention during its installation.

  1. Choice of Material:

Bathtubs or Jacuzzi are made-up of variety of different materials like cast iron, fiberglass, steel, acrylic, marble, cast polyester, etc. As cast iron has good temperature retention capacity and is more durable, the bathtubs of this material are preferred choice among buyers. However, it can be expensive. Fiberglass bathtubs are usually affordable, being Lightweight with a moderate heat retention capacity.

Bathtubs made up of acrylic material have more heat retention capacity than fiberglass and are more durable. Marble bathtubs are costlier and require regular maintenance but a very good option too. A cast polymer bathtub is an affordable choice of Jacuzzi or bathtub which comes with good temperature retention ability and is durable as well, which makes it another good option to buy.

  1. Number of Available Jets:

You need to know in prior how many jets you actually need before you buy a Jacuzzi. There are different jet types and numbers available that you can choose. Jets can be located in various places like back, side, and foot and neck areas. Back jets give you a soothing massage to your lower back area whereas foot jets massage your tired feet. You can find side jets to provide overall massage to your body too. Additionally, you can find some bathtubs with jets like neck jets which are located near the tub top to relieve pain with your sore necks.

So go ahead and buy the one that suits you the most!

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