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A steam generator in a residential shower system is the go-to option for a holistic therapy, at the comfort of your home.

Steam showers have been a popular option to unwind, wash off the stress, cure body and joint aches, improve blood circulation and for multiple other reasons. Thus far, these have been only installed at spas, health clubs and gyms. However, with the rising levels of stress and tiredness, several people are acquiring these steam generators for their abode. If you are looking to invigorate your tired bodies through steam at your home, here’s a buying tips that will help you pick the best steam generator for your home. But first, let’s start with the basics of steam generators.

A steam generator is an integral part of a steam shower, which is essentially a small, box-like device that heats up water for creation of the steam. It’s type is highly dependent on two things:

  • Area Size: Before purchasing a steam generator, you need to know about the measurement (cubic feet) of your steam shower room’s volume. To calculate, you need to multiply the length, width and height of the room. Knowing this is necessary because the steam generator’s size corresponds to the room’s size for producing enough steam that fills the entire area. You also need to keep in mind that the higher the ceiling, the bigger the steam generator.
  • Shower Build-up Materials: Materials such as marble, stone, slate, glass and concrete absorb more heat than others. So, select a steam generator accordingly.

If the right type of steam generator is not chosen, the right amount of steam won’t be produced or it may exceed. Hence, there are sizing charts, which you need to refer to while buying a steam generator.

Go for smart steam generators

There are several technology-enabled smart steam generators in the market with cutting-edge features such as digital control panels and auto temperature cut-off, facilitating you with the ease of operation. Additionally, these are corrosion-resistant and come with safety valve for maintaining the required water level and dry run protection. Make sure that the steam generator you select, offers all the aforementioned features, is certified, well-rated and comes with a warranty of 1-3 years.

If you are a little low on budget, you can opt for a modular steam generator but do not compromise on the ratings, certifications and warranty.

Study the current market scenario

With the rising demand, steam shower manufacturers have shifted their focus to cater to the needs of homeowners, offering them a wide portfolio of products ranging from comprehensive steam shower units to equipment capable of turning a conventional shower to a steam-oriented one. For the ultimate luxury and comfort, look up to steam generators, manufactured in Delhi as those offer maximum value at minimum price. Furthermore, the manufacturers/dealers also assist in end-to-end installation and selecting the best-suited steam generator for your home. Steam generator manufacturers in Delhi are also capable of designing a bespoke model for you, if you are not happy with the limited colour choices of a steam generator.

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