Why You Must Buy Premium Manicure Tables for Your Luxury Beauty Salon

A premium manicure table at Pink Nail Studio, USA

Regular manicure helps keep your hands look delicate, smooth and youthful whereas nicely trimmed and painted nails too will bring a smile on your face.  A professional manicure will promote the beauty and health of your hands thus a stable space to keep everything required within the easy reach of a nail technician is necessary for a professional hand care.

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If you are planning to start your beauty salon it is necessary to have adequate furniture in the form of chairs, nail stations, mirrors and various carts and trolleys. A manicure table for manicurists or a nail technicians’ workstation is available in different range and designs in the market. The market is flooded with numerous combinations of fashionable design with each one offering its own uniqueness. Selecting the right premium manicure table for your luxury beauty salon will not only solve the purpose, but also improve the overall appearance of your salon. With increasing trend of nail arts, the manicure tables have become mandatory in luxury salons now.

There are numerous reasons which can be fulfilled with a manicure table in your luxury beauty salon.

  • Work Efficiency
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A decent workstation with right height and dimension is essential for any nail technician for an effective outcome.

  • Comfort for everyone
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Providing a comfortable place for client’s hand to rest properly and providing enough space to the technician a manicure station is a comfortable alternative for the client and operator both.

  • Hygiene

A filthy workplace welcomes infections and injuries whereas the scratch resistant surface of a premium manicure table can be easily cleaned and disinfected if any chemical spills.

  • Space for storage

The cabinets and compartments provide enough space for storage of different instruments important for manicure process.

Would you like to lose clients coming to your salon for manicure or nail work to your competition?  It is not always the glitter and polish what they notice but the comfort, hygiene and of course the services that bring them back. Getting a premium manicure table for your luxury salon is an investment that really pays off.

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