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So, how is that New Year’s Resolution of getting fit coming along? Still can’t hit the gym due to messed-up routine? How about setting-up one at your home?

We are sure that you must have thought of it but finding reliable and affordable gym equipment that doesn’t occupy much space and gives you multiple benefits is hard to find. Yes, we get it, that nothing can beat the supervision of a fitness coach and the energy of the fellow-members that motivates, but with the following essential gym equipment, you won’t feel any less while working out at home.

1. Cardiovascular Equipment

Owning a piece of cardiovascular equipment is the top-most priority as it is essential for warming up. You have multiple options when it comes to cardiovascular gym equipment such as, treadmill, elliptical/cross trainer, upright bike and many more.

2. Strength Training Equipment

Next up, we look upon the strength training gym equipment that are required for not only keeping the weight in-check but also for toning and shaping the muscles. It is best to go for a 4-station or 10-station multi-gym equipment to do multiple exercises, using just single equipment.

3. Fitness Accessories

To build your core strength and stamina, you need to resort to fitness accessories. These can easily help you in adopting cross-fit training as it is now a worldwide phenomenon. From gym ball to aerobic stepper, toning ball and then onto push-up bars, body trimmers, you can choose as you please.



Gym equipment suppliers offer huge discounts when you purchase all the gym equipment from one place. You would get the best bang for your buck if you purchase fitness equipment from Delhi as you will have plethora of options. Some of these fitness equipment suppliers offer online delivery too and also provide free assistance in choosing equipment as per your needs. So, find such one and set your multi-facility gym at your home, right away.


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