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“Is there really a distinction amongst Sauna and Steam room when both give similar health benefit?” Is one superior to the next? Leave technicalities most of us are not even aware that both of them are different things. Reading this article will enable you to comprehend not only the process involved but the health benefits we get from sauna and steam.

Temperature & Moisture      

An airtight room where steam is generated with the help of high quality steam generators to build up the humidity level of 100% and keeps the room temperature between 110 to 120 degrees. In sauna rooms, the heat is produced through heaters which heats up a stack of rocks in the room. These rocks keep the room hot up to 160 to 200 degrees. Based on different sources for warmth inside, we can state that sauna rooms generate dry and steam rooms generate soggy warmth.


The air inside a steam room is extremely damp that it condenses on the walls of room hence they are constructed using tiles or some non-porous material like glass. On the other hand, the sauna rooms are built of wood as it is insulated and absorbs the heat. Towels are often used in both rooms to avoid very hot seats.


Detoxification through perspiration is the purpose of any steam room user and apart from this sinus, asthma, congested chest and a deep restorative sleep for insomniacs are also treated through steam baths. You also get a good moistening effect on your skin with rejuvenating feeling. Sauna helps in reducing stress hormones and blood pressure which in turn improves the cardiovascular well-being.

If you are deciding on a steam or sauna heater installation, we recommend you to try both to check out the suitability for you. For safety purposes, it is best recommended to take advise of your healthcare provider before using a sauna and steam room.

The accessibility of spa, steam bath, and sauna is much conveniently possible these days. With increasing utility of such facilities and demand of customized solutions, you can easily find and consult some of the best sauna steam vendors and steam generator suppliers even in India.


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