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The recent changes in the economy and subsequently, in customer loyalty and travel patterns have redefined the way hotels are customizing their luxury services and promoting customer engagement. That said, there is an increasing need for luxury hotels to engage the younger generations or the Generations X and Y, which are more tech savvy and have an affinity for coffee bars, pubs, and extreme sports. Therefore, it is imperative that luxury hotels up their game and include more and more state-of-the-art hospitality services for each of the patrons.

Let us look at some of the essential products and services that luxury hotels need to rope in their roster, namely swimming pool systems, flake ice makers, and steam generators, and improve overall hospitality in their facility.

Steam Generators

Luxury hotels across the globe have enviable spa services to help the patrons relax during their stay. The main component of these spa services is a commercial steam bath generator. Nowadays, these steam generators are not only high-performance but also easy to maintain; therefore, have a reliable long service life and facilitate an uninterrupted supply of steam. There are a number of features that these commercial steam generators include in their designs such as programmable temperature control with digital temperature display, ergonomic easy-to-read, soft touch keypads, On/Off and Pause functions and aromatic steam as standard.

Flake Ice Makers

Flake Ice makers are another essential product for top-of-the-line spa services. These commercially available machines produce ice flakes, which are extruded at a temperature just below zero degrees. These ice flakes, in turn, are utilized by patrons to cool down their body temperatures before entering the steam room, to relax and exfoliate. Hospitality managers can choose from a number of flake ice makers, depending on the design of the device, its output and energy consumption rating, and the requirement of the hotels.

Pool Maintenance Systems

Needless to say; swimming pools are one of the more important facilities that patrons look-for in a luxury hotel. Therefore, hospitality managers need to ensure uninterrupted access to pool facilities. To do that, hotels must invest in a comprehensive swimming pool maintenance system comprising components including filtration system, pool heating system, circulation system, and filtration system. Each individual system, in turn, comprises multiple components such as filters (cartridge filters, sand filters, and pipe-less filters) and pumps (spa pumps, suction sweeper pumps, pool pumps, and heating pumps). In addition, hotels must also include important pool accessories such as pool ladders/handrails, pool gratings, underwater lights, pool covers, pool cleaning accessories, pool inflatables, swimming pool kits, pool chemicals, and heaters.

Wrapping Up
Luxury hotels invest a lot in making sure that their hospitality services are not only top-of-the-line but are also seamlessly available. To do this, they need to set up an industry-standard arsenal of products and accessories that make their work easy. As a hospitality service provider, therefore, you need to secure services from a reputed swimming pool vendors or spa consultancy and invest in quality products.

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